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California Challenge Races

Run-Walk Events is excited to announce the California Challenge Races! In the run up to the historic Race Across USA, we have added two shorter races in California – the Race Across California Urban Challenge and the Race Across California Desert Challenge. While we have had a lot of interest from runners who are interested in running across the entire state of California, some runners just can’t get the time away from work. These two “Challenge” races are less expensive and just four days long. In fact, we have “wrapped” them around weekends. That is, both races start on a Friday and end on a Monday. Think of it: four back-to-back marathons in only four days – a QUADZILLA!

The route for Race Across California Urban Challenge will start at the Huntington Beach Pier and follow the Santa Ana River, passing Anaheim Stadium…

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Race Across USA in a Nutshell

I wanted the Race Across Video Three-Minute Overview to accomplish a couple of things. First, I wanted it to be short. My goal was two minutes. Unfortunately, it came out almost double that at 3:53. Secondly, I wanted to put the “Race” into proper context. While there have been literally hundreds (even thousands) of people who have walked or run across the United States in the last 100 years, there have been very few organized events and still fewer races. Finally, I wanted to make sure to highlight why we are running over 3,000 miles…

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Announcing Race Across USA

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