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According to the CDC, childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years. At the present time, 12.5 million children, ages 6-19 in the United States are obese. Many more are overweight. Starting January 16, 2015, an international team of athletes will begin a 4 1/2 month journey, running the equivalent of 117 back-to-back marathons across the United States with the goal of inspiring a healthier generation. Join us as we run across the country. Apply for the core team, cross a state or run one of thirteen 4-day challenge events. If you are not a runner, you can sponsor, donate or volunteer! Teachers, please click here.

NM01 – Border to Border

Description: Run 14 back-to-back marathons across the the “Land of Enchantment” – the State of New Mexico. Details>>>
Arrival Date: Sat 2/14/15 5PM
Departure Date: Mon 3/2/15 4PM
Stages: 01-15
Total Distance: 390.0 miles
Award: Buckle
Registration: $290
Fundraising: $400*

NM02 – Continental Divide

Description: Run four back-to-back marathons (a QUADZILLA!) from the Arizona Border through the VLA and Pie Town(!) to Datil. Details>>>
Arrival Date: Sat 2/14/15 5PM
Departure Date: Wed 2/18/15 4PM
Stages: 01-04
Total Distance: 105.6 miles
Award: Buckle
Registration: $190
Fundraising: $100*

NM03 – Heart of New Mexico

Description: Run four back-to-back marathons (a QUADZILLA!) from the Carrizozo, through the beautiful Hondo Valley to Roswell. Details>>>
Arrival Date: Thu 2/23/15 5PM
Departure Date: Mon 2/27/15 4PM
Stages: 09-12
Total Distance: 105.9 miles
Award: Buckle
Cutoff: 8 hours
Registration: $190
Fundraising: $100*

NM04 –
Alien Encounter

Description: Run the three plus back-to-back marathons from Roswell to Texas Border through the beautiful Hondo Valley to Roswell. Details>>>
Arrival Date: Thu 2/26/15 5PM
Departure Date: Mon 3/2/15 4PM
Stages: 12-15
Total Distance: 98.6 miles
Award: Buckle
Registration: $190
Fundraising: $100*

NM05 –
Run with the Team

Description: Run any marathon with the core team and support our efforts to inspire a healthier generation. Details>>>
Arrival Date: Arrive at 7:45am on the day you want to run
Departure Date: Depart when you are done. You need to arrange a pickup.
Stages: See schedule below
Total Distance: 26.2
Award: Medal
Registration: $150 – $50 will be donated in your name to the 100 Mile Club.

View RAUSA New Mexico Route in a larger map

MMR Click for Map Date Starting Location Miles
Sat Feb 14 Arrive
RANM 01 Sun Feb 15 Border AZ / NM 26.49
RANM 02 Mon Feb 16 Quemado 26.32
RANM 03 Tue Feb 17 Pie Town 26.34
RANM 04 Wed Feb 18 Datil 26.49
RANM 05 Thu Feb 19 Magdalena 26.45
RANM 06 Fri Feb 20 Socorro 26.61
RANM 07 Sat Feb 21 San Antonio 26.77
RANM 08 Sun Feb 22 Middle of Nowhere 26.46
Mon Feb 23 Rest Day
RANM 09 Tue Feb 24 Carrizozo 26.45
RANM 10 Wed Feb 25 Lincoln 26.62
RANM 11 Thu Feb 26 Picacho 26.40
RANM 12 Fri Feb 27 Roswell 26.45
RANM 13 Sat Feb 28 Near Roswell 26.45
RANM 14 Sun Mar 1 Middle of Nowhere 26.45
RANM 15 Mon Mar 2 Tatum 19.25
Tue Mar 3 Depart
Total 390.00

Event Format: Most days, we will cover a marathon distance (26.2 miles). You can run or walk. We will start at approximately 8am each morning. The time limit to complete each day’s distance is 8 hours. We will have bibs and official results posted for each day’s race. You will have the opportunity to briefly visit schools en route with the hope of inspiring a generation.

Relay Teams: If you and a friend or family member (or two!) want to run as a team, we have designed a program for you!! The price is per runner is the same but the team can split the applicable fundraising goal. Together, the team must complete 26.2 miles per day in order to qualify for an award. The current format allows runners to switch at the halfway point of the day’s stage (approximately 13.1 miles). More frequent runner switching may be added in the future as more volunteers are recruited. Successful team members who each complete 100 miles or more will receive a buckle. Successful team members who each complete less than 100 miles will receive a medal. Make sure to select (or create) a team during registering. (Don’t forget to ask for a discount for teams of 3 or more!) Contact us if questions. Register Now>>>

Additional Costs: Runners should allocate additional funds for crew, daily accommodations, as well as food. There may be the option of staying in a tent in a campground (subject to availability).

Drivers: We have set up a Facebook Group so you can coordinate with other runners for transportation. Up to four runners can share a driver/car. After drop off each morning, drivers work together as a team to support all runners at each of the aid stations. While you run, you will have support based on what you have stored in each of your drop bags at roughly 6.6 miles, 13.1 miles and 19.7 miles. Check out the Facebook group for the Race Across New Mexico!

* Fundraising: Ever wonder how you could use running to give back to kids? Together with others, we are running coast to coast for the 100 Mile Club®, a 501(c)(3) organization that is stemming the tide of childhood obesity! If you are new to fundraising, our Ninja Guide to Fundraising will help! If you are unable or unwilling to fundraise, you can make the donation to your own fundraising page before the race starts. Help us to spark a renaissance of student health and fitness.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQs.

Note: We are currently looking for volunteers!  If you are interested, check out the open positions.


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