Suggested Packing List for the Race Across USA

Packing for a four-day, state or even the epic coast-to-coast race is tricky. You don’t want to forget something. But, you must also limit your gear to what will fit within two large (5,000 cu in/80 liter) duffle bags.

The packing list below is a little different. It includes includes tasks as well as lists of things you will need. I’ve found that thinking about your route at a certain point in the day helps to make sure you have everything covered.

For those who will be running in Arizona or New Mexico, you will need additional cold weather items as we will be above 6,000 ft. for an extended period of time.


You may need fewer or more items, depending on your needs and personal taste. What I have included is presented as an imperfect, work-in-progress list. Feel free to comment as the discussion may help others.

Night Routine
Clean glasses/sunglasses
Charge watch/phone
Download course to watch/phone
Turn data off on phone to save battery
Fill water bottle
Fill water backpack
Make food for drop bags (see below)
Replenish drop bags
Replenish water backpack (e.g., Nathan, see below)
Upload photos to Twitter/Facebook
Set 2 alarms

Drop bags
Note: There will be four of them: 6.6, 13.1, 19.7 and 26.2

Food (e.g., peanut butter sandwiches, bananas, eggs, coke, juice, etc.)
Electrolyte Supplements
Water Supplement (e.g., Gatorade, Heed, etc.)
Extra socks
Warm hat
Sweats (26.2)

Water Backpack
Extra Electrolyte Supplements
Pepper spray (I encountered noisy dogs on the route during our road trip; Colon Terrell also mentioned them; SABRE RED Pepper Spray Runner)
Light jacket

Shoes (half the number you will need; replenish in Dallas, TX)
Water backpack
Hat (wide brim summer hat)
Safety vest – this is required for all runners
Drop bags (There will be an opportunity to leave drop bags at each of the three aid stations and the finish. Think about bringing sturdy bags from home instead of using plastic shopping bags.)

Before leaving
Take initial supplements
Lip balm

Cold/Wet Weather
Waterproof jacket (Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer Hooded Jacket)
Down Jacket (Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer Down Jacket)
Waterproof Running Shoes (Brooks Ghost 6 GTX)
Traction Device (for snow and ice; Yaktrax Pro Walker)
Waterproof Gaiters (Raidlight Protect Fit)
Phone case (Aquapac Whanganui)
Long underwear

Camping (outside of running)
Street clothes/Underwear
Cooking/eating equipment
Unusual food items that will be hard to get on the road
Sleeping bag
Air mattress
Sandals for shower
Nail clippers
Athlete’s Foot
Cough drops
Trash bag (laundry)
Travel Charger (recharge your phone or watch when power isn’t available; EZOPower 8000mah)
Car Charger (recharge your phone or watch in the car; BIRUGEAR USB Car Charge)
Water bottle
Water purifier (if desired; such as the MSR MiniWorks EX Microfilter plus extra filter)

Note: Under no circumstances will Run-Walk Events, 100 Mile Club, its officers or employees be held accountable for anything that happens by using the suggested packing list / to do items above.

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