How to Run a Transcon in 50 Days

Excitement is growing for the Race Across the USA transcon. Scheduled to start on January 16, 2015, this transcontinental race has captured the attention of the entire nation. A dozen core team runners have been selected from a pool of over 50 applicants. Each runner will vie for the lead position with the dream of taking first place when the team arrives at the White House in Washington D.C. – our nation’s capital.

Though many more athletes would like to join the core team, not everyone can take 140-days off from work. I mean, there are bills to pay, kids to raise and other scheduling conflicts. Some have asked if there are alternatives to run the country, coast to coast. In fact, there are. Run-Walk Events has created 12 state events – one for each of the states that the route passes through. The longest route is, not surprisingly, Race Across Texas with 587 miles over 23 running days. The shortest route is Race Across Louisiana with 52 miles over 2 days. But, what if runners don’t have the vacation to run an entire state?

The event organizers have created 13 four-day events sprinkled along the route. Most of them are scheduled over a weekend. So, typically, runners would arrive on Thursday afternoon and beginning running the following day. In some cases, volunteers are in place to pick up runners from the airport and deposit them when on the following Monday, at the end of the mini-event. For today’s busy, overcommitted runner, these four-day events seem like a perfect way to participate in the Race Across the USA transcon without breaking the bank. Running all of the four-day events allows you to travel all of the way across the country in 50 days.

Here are some interesting combinations of four-day events.

  1. Beginning, Middle and End – Run the Urban Challenge in California (the first four-day event planned and day one of the Race Across the USA transcon), D-Town (the four-day event planned in Dallas) and Nation’s Capital (the last four-day event).
  2. Best of RAUSA – Run the Heart of New Mexico (which ends in Roswell), the Silver Comet (which follows a beautiful trail near Atlanta) and Heart of North Carolina (which ends in Sanford, NC).
  3. Middle of NowhereDesert Challenge (which covers the Eastern California desert), Continental Divide (which covers Western New Mexico) and either Wild West or Plains to Pines (in Western or Eastern Texas).

Perhaps you would be interested in our 4-day challenge events.

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