Race Across California Recap

After 10 days, 266 miles and 9,409 feet of elevation gain, the Race Across USA has completed its traverse of the state of California! Twelve Core Team members, who will run coast-to-coast, started from Huntington Beach on Friday, January 16. Along with them were five State runners and six four-day Urban Challenge participants.

Core Team runners at Huntington Beach before Stage 1 Start

Core Team runners at Huntington Beach before Stage 1 Start

On day 2 of the event, runners visited the 100 Mile Club for a celebration. After a welcome from Kara Lubin, the founder of the 100 Mile Club, runners were able to complete laps with kids who were earning their miles. After four days, the team said farewell to the four Urban Challenge runners who completed a total of 100 miles and moved into the toughest day of the Race Across California: a stage where they climbed over 3,000 feet. A well-deserved rest day gave runners the opportunity to visit two schools: Yucca Valley High School and Condor Elementary on the Twentynine Palms Marine Base.

Upon leaving Twentynine Palms, the Core Team was joined by one Desert Challenge runner for the final four stages of California. These stages took the runners along California 62 through a lonely stretch with no services for 100 miles. There was much excitement during the tenth and final stage, as runners ran 27.2 miles culminating in crossing the Colorado River into Arizona! Overall, all twelve Core Team and five State runners completed the entire 266-mile state crossing.

Runners at the beginning of California Stage 10

Runners at the beginning of California Stage 10

The fastest state runner was Emmanuelle Dudon, with a combined time of 46 hours and 3 minutes. The fastest overall runner was Robert Young with a combined time of 42 hours and 31 minutes. All the Race Across California results can be reviewed here.

RACA Results

A special thank you to the Sponsor A Day businesses during Race Across California!

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