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30 Marathons Down

By EMMA K CARTER Our Race Across the USA team recently hit a big mile marker. Since beginning this race on January 16th our ten core runners, accompanied by numerous state runners, have run 30 marathons in a row. They

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The Race Across California: Complete

Everything is on schedule. Two and a half weeks ago our twelve core-team runners, accompanied by five state-runners and six four-day Urban Challenger participants, set off for their 140-day, 3,080 mile race from Huntington Beach, California to Washington D.C. After running 266 miles of rolling hills in ten days, they completed the Race Across California and began the Race Across Arizona.

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Race Across California Recap

After 10 days, 266 miles and 9,409 feet of elevation gain, the Race Across USA has completed its traverse of the state of California! Twelve Core Team members, who will run coast-to-coast, started from Huntington Beach on Friday, January 16.

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“Slow and Steady,” An Interview With RAUSA Core-Team Member Jessica Hardy

You could say Race Across the USA core-team member Jessica Hardly eats, breathes, and lives for health and fitness. In addition to her passion for running, thirty-two year-old Jessica is a professional nurse with her Bachelors in nursing from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, and the coach of a girl’s high school basketball team. With a background like this, it’s no surprise she’s ready to tackle the RAUSA and raise money for the 100 Mile Club—however, Jessica will also be running this ultramarathon for a more personal reason…

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The Race to End Childhood Obesity

A South Bay native, Patrick Sweeney is most likely to be spotted running along the Pacific Ocean in Manhattan Beach, catching rays and wearing nothing but shorts and a smile. On January 16 – his 36th birthday – Sweeney will veer from his ocean-side path and join an international team of run on a 4 1/2 month journey.

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Registration for Race Across California Closes

Registration for the Race Across California will close in one week on December 16 at midnight. The price of running all ten days across the state is $290. There are also two four-day events (Quadzilla!) for $190. Take action and run across the Golden State for childhood fitness.

73 Year Old Cancer Survivor to Race Across the USA

Race Across the USA core-member Newton Baker will be celebrating his 73rd birthday as he sets out on day one of our 140-day race across the United States. Teacher, father, and repeated winner of the USA 24 Hour Run National Championships for his age group, Newton is the perfect candidate to inspire us all to get up and start moving.

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First Transcontinental Race in Four Years Planned for 2015

After completing his first Ironman, Darren Van Soye co-collaborated to create a 100-mile running challenge to raise money to combat childhood obesity. Now he is gearing up once again to pair his passion for running with a social cause. Beginning in January of 2015, Darren, along with 11 other core team members, will lead a foot-race and carry a message across the USA. Their purpose: to raise awareness of the childhood inactivity epidemic in this country, and to share their passion for running as a possible solution. I caught up with Darren to get some details about the Race Across the USA.

How to Run a Transcon in 50 Days

Scheduled to start on January 16, 2015, this transcontinental race has captured the attention of the entire nation. A dozen core team runners have been selected from a pool of over 50 applicants. Each runner will vie for the lead position with the dream of taking first place when the team arrives at the White House in Washington D.C. – our nation’s capital. Though many more athletes would like to join the core team, not everyone can take 140-days off from work. The event organizers have created 13 four-day events sprinkled along the route. Most of them are scheduled over a weekend. So, typically, runners would arrive on Thursday afternoon and beginning running the following day….

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Travel the Globe Without Leaving Your Hometown

Back in 2008, Duncan Galbraith of Greenock Scotland, creator of the World Walking application and website, found himself facing the same problem. As the leader of a Phase IV cardiac rehabilitation exercise class for older adults at the Inverclyde Leisure’s Waterfront Complex in Greenock, he needed a way not only to motivate his members to keep attending class, but to continue exercising between classes…

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