Month: September 2014

How to Run a Transcon in 50 Days

Scheduled to start on January 16, 2015, this transcontinental race has captured the attention of the entire nation. A dozen core team runners have been selected from a pool of over 50 applicants. Each runner will vie for the lead position with the dream of taking first place when the team arrives at the White House in Washington D.C. – our nation’s capital. Though many more athletes would like to join the core team, not everyone can take 140-days off from work. The event organizers have created 13 four-day events sprinkled along the route. Most of them are scheduled over a weekend. So, typically, runners would arrive on Thursday afternoon and beginning running the following day….

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Travel the Globe Without Leaving Your Hometown

Back in 2008, Duncan Galbraith of Greenock Scotland, creator of the World Walking application and website, found himself facing the same problem. As the leader of a Phase IV cardiac rehabilitation exercise class for older adults at the Inverclyde Leisure’s Waterfront Complex in Greenock, he needed a way not only to motivate his members to keep attending class, but to continue exercising between classes…

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Strength of Iron, Heart of Gold

For most of us, exercise is a fun, healthy – but casual – way to get out of the house and stay in shape. In the world of sports, however, there’s a category that goes beyond our weekly bouts at the gym, or a pick-up game with the guys: some sports out there are Extreme. Sports like the famous Iron Man Triathlon races exist to push the limits of human ability and endurance. The full Iron Man race pits athletes against 2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles of bike racing, and a marathon 26.2 miles of running – all in one stretch. Finishing any one course is a workout even for a professional athlete; completing all three amounts to a Feat of Hercules…

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