Month: August 2014

Can You Guess How Many Marathons Yolanda Holder Has Walked?

Meet Yolanda Holder, the “Walking Diva.” Power walker and Guinness World Record holder, Yolanda uses her unique form of racing to highlight the benefits of exercise. In the beginning, Yolanda was a race walker. Unlike power walking, it is judged for technique and form. She combined the two types of walking to create her own style of power walking. When asked about her definition of power walking, Yolanda replied, “Basically, power walking is your own style of walking. Pumping your arms as you walk creates more…

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Can you Guess the Length of the Longest Footrace?

You’ve probably heard the story of Pheidippides, the Greek soldier who, in 490 B.C., ran 26 miles from the town of Marathon to Athens. When he arrived, he announced a battleground victory over the Persians with his cry of, “Nike! (Victory!)”, and promptly dropped dead. Over 2,000 years later the marathon – so named for the spot of Pheidippides’ finish and defined by the approximate length of his run, 42.195 kilometers or 26 miles and 385 yards – was incorporated into the first modern Olympics in 1896 and has since spread across the globe…

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Race Across the USA Launches Indiegogo Campaign

We currently have a dozen runners who have a passion for the cause and have committed to run coast to coast to inspire our youth. These runners will visit schools along the route and participate in community events to raise awareness about the benefits of childhood fitness. In order to participate in this charity event, each runner must make a registration payment to cover liability insurance, campground fees, hotel reservations and gas.

The problem is that this registration amount doesn’t begin to pay for the full cost of running this event. Right now, we are short $14,000. That’s why we are asking for your help. Every dollar you donate will help us close this gap…

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Early Registration Ends on Friday Midnight

Early registration for the Race Across California ends this Friday at midnight. The current price is $290 for all ten days of running. There are also two four-day events (Quadzilla!) for $190. The price will increase by $50. Learn more

Is Your Date Still Available? Sponsor a Day of the Race Across the USA!

Businesses and individuals can sponsor a day for as a little as $125. You can honor a loved one, celebrate a birth or commemorate an anniversary. “Literally any date that we are running can be used” says Darren Van Soye. When users hover over that day, a window will appear with your personal message and a photo of your choice.

Childhood Obesity – How Does Your State Stack Up?

According to the CDC, childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years. At the present time, 12.5 million children, ages 6-19 in the United States, are obese. Many more are overweight.

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Suggested Packing List for the Race Across USA

Packing for a four-day, state or even the epic coast-to-coast race is tricky. You don’t want to forget something. But, you must also limit your gear to what will fit within two large (5,000 cu in/80 liter) duffle bags. The